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La madre de todas las listas de aplicaciones Twitter (Parte 3)

Follow and Unfollow

  • Flashtweet – Bulk follow/unfollow tool for Twitter
  • Twittangle – Untangling the mess of too many friends
  • Refollow – Refollow helps you discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle
  • TwitsLikeMe – Find new friends on Twitter
  • Doesfollow – Find out who follows whom on Twitter
  • Twitroduce – Connect on Twitter
  • MyCleenr – The best way to clean your Twitter contact list
  • TweeterGetter – Get new Twitter followers
  • TwitterLamp – The SMART Way To Follow People On Twitter
  • TweetSum – Follow and unfollow people via drag and drop
  • TwitterForBusyPeople – Friends at a glance
  • Twitter Karma – Find out who is following and unfollowing you
  • TweepMe – Get Twitter followers
  • Twitterless – Get updates when someone stops following you on Twitter
  • Twiping – Twitter contact management software
  • Qwitter – Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter
  • TwitterRatio – Twitter follower/friend ratio
  • FriendOrFollow – Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back?
  • Twitseeker – Who you are looking for by what they are talking about
  • TweepDiff – Find out who you are missing on Twitter
  • Twollo – Twitter auto-follow
  • Twittermass – Twitter management and optimiztion services
  • Twitnest – Visualisation of your followers and theirs
  • Twitter100 – With Twitter100, you can see your followers at a glance (up to 100)
  • Tweepler – To follow or not follow that is the question
  • Who follows whom – The quickest way to see who several Twitter users have in common
  • Buzzom – Social profile management
  • Hummingbird – The Pro Tool for Twitter Marketing at $200
  • Twubble – Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble
  • WhoshouldIfollow – Find new Twitter friends
  • Tweepi – A geekier, faster way to manage Twitter
  • TwitterSnooze – Hit the snooze button on your “verbose” Twitter friends
  • iFollowBack – Follow back people
  • Twitterator – Follow a bunch of people in one go
  • Twtrfrnd – Discover your common shared friends
  • Mutuality – Alows you to make bulk operations with your account
  • TweetPenguin – find new Twitter followers with similar interests
  • Less Friends – Do the people you follow on Twitter, follow you?
  • TweetEffect – When did you lose or gain Twitter followers?
  • WhoTheTweet – Fins out what someone is tweeting about
  • Twollow – Auto follow people on Twitter
  • Tweepular – Manage your followers
  • TwerpScan – Checks the number of followers on your contact list, the number of people they are following, and the ratio between those
  • MyTweeple – Manage your Twitter Friends and Followers
  • MyTwitterButler – Automatically follows Twitter users based on “keywords”
  • Twitoria – How many friends are you are following?
  • ExecTweets – Find and follow top business execs on Twitter
  • TwitHive – Monitor and Interact with the Twitter Hive Mind
  • – Before you follow..
  • FollowLists – Create and share lists of your Twitter friends
  • FriendMePlease – The easiest way to make new friends on Twitter
  • UnTweeps – Unfollow tweeps who have not posted tweets recently
  • Sherflock – Find and track your flock
  • The Twit Cleaner – analyses those you follow, groups them into categories to help you clean out the garbage.


Food and Drink



Follow Friday



General Tips

Gifts and Presents

  • Twtwlst – A simple gift registry Twitter app
  • Twesents – Send virtual gifts to your friends
  • Tweetgift – Tweetgift is a simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend
  • Tweetmas – What would you like for Christmas


  • Tweetizen – Filter tweets and create groups
  • Twitly – You can seperate the poeple you follow on Twitter into groups
  • ConnectTweet – ConnectTweet allows the contributors to your central Twitter stream
  • GroupTweet – Group message broadcasting for Twitter
  • TwitBot – Allows multiple people to publish to a single Twitter account
  • Twinester – Twinester lets you create or join groups and communities for Twitter.
  • Crowdstatus – Create your own crowds
  • TweetKnot – Tying people togetherTying people together
  • Social – Twitter for events and groups
  • Twitter Groups – Twitter Groups
  • Twibes – Twitter Groups
  • ThinkClimbing – Find and connect with Climbers on Twitter
  • Tweetworks – With groups and discussions, TweetWorks helps you get the most out of Twitter
  • Tweetparty – Group messaging for Twitter




Learning & Teaching


Maps and Location


Mobile Phone

  • 20 ways to use Twitter from your mobile phone – SimpleHelp
  • Twitterrific – Twitter client for Mac desktop and iPhone
  • Tweetie – Twitter client for iPhone
  • Twitterfon – Simple, Clean, and Fast Twitter Client for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Twitroid – The premium Android Twitter client
  • TwitterDroid – TwitterDroid is a clone of Twitterific designed for Android
  • LaTwit – iPhone Twitter client
  • Wildsets – Twitter client for mobile phones
  • TwitToday – Today Screen widget for Windows Mobile
  • Twitxr – Share pictures and status updates from your mobile
  • TinyTwitter – Mobile Twitter app
  • MobyPicture – Post to your blog and Twitter through your mobile phone
  • Twim – Mobile Twitter Client
  • TreoTwit– Twitter client for Treo
  • LogPost – Twitter for mobile phones
  • BlackBird – A Twitter client for BlackBerry smartphones
  • Gravity – The S60 Twitter client
  • Twikini – Twitter on the go from your Windows phone
  • TwitterBerry – TwitterBerry is mobile client for BlackBerry
  • UberTwitter – Twitter client for BlackBerry
  • Pocketwit – A Twitter client for the Windows Professional platform
  • Quakk – Quakk is an Open Source Windows Mobile Twitter Application
  • PocketTweets – Twitter for your iPhone
  • jibjib – An Open Source J2ME Twitter Client
  • Snaptu – Twitter mobile app
  • Twitter2Go – Mobile phone app
  • TwitStat – Mobile Twitter app
  • Hahlo – Fully featured Twitter client for your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • GPS Twit – iPhone Twitter app
  • Twitli – Twitter client for Android phones
  • Qik – Share live video from your mobile
  • MotionObj – Twitter client for your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • ceTwit – ceTwit is a windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework
  • Twapper – Twitter mobile for WAP
  • Twobile – Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
  • JustUpdate – Just an update field, just for Twitter, just for your iPhone/iPod Touch
  • SimplyTweet – Twitter client for iPhone or iPod Touch
  • jTwitter – Java Twitter app
  • uTweetMe – Twitter client for mobiles supporting Java
  • ReTweet – Twitter tool for iPhone and iPod touch
  • miTreo – Twitter app for Palm OS
  • iTwtr – An open source Twitter client for iPhones
  • Tweetstack – Organise your Twitter stream
  • Twittai – Java mobile client for Twitter
  • uTweetMe – uTweetMe is a free J2ME cell phone client application which allows posting updates to Twitter
  • Twitter for iPhone – Twitter for iPhone app

Multiple Accounts

  • Matt (Mattinator) – Multiple account Twitter tweeter
  • Tweet3 – Manage one or more Twitter accounts
  • Hootsuite – You can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success
  • Splitweet – Twitter multi account manager and brand monitor
  • TwitterFace – Twitterface is a web-based, personally-branded, multi-account Twitter interface
  • EasyTweets – Web based Twitter multi account management
  • Twibble – Manage up to 3 different Twitter accounts
  • Twittbot – Allows multiple people to publish to a single Twitter account, and for a single person to post to multiple Twitter accounts


  • – Lets you share music links on Twitter
  • Imeem – What is on your playlist?
  • – Create your own music station
  • – lets you share music on Twitter
  • Songtwit – Share music on Twitter
  • Tinysong – Tinysong allows you to quickly share music links with your friends
  • Twiturm – Share your music on Twitter
  • Musebin – Music on Twitter
  • crawls Twitter for tweets about music then you listen to them

Music and Musicians

Newbies & Beginners


  • Tweetmeme – Hottest stories on Twitter
  • Twistori – Find out what twitter loves, hates, thinks, believes, feels, wishes
  • StumbleTweets – Stumble what’s happening right now
  • TwitterPark – The world of Twitter news
  • Twitscoop – Search and follow what’s buzzing on twitter in real-time
  • Lovetweet – A real-time feed with tweets of love
  • Flackr – Breaking news
  • Tlurk – Turn twitter accounts into public news sources
  • TweetOnTheStreet – Twitter based rumour mill
  • Tweetmi – Real-time Twitter Topics
  • Twitterfall – Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime

Other People’s Tips

Other Tips


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